Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now What?

So, how are you? I'm doing pretty well, thanks for asking. I sort of disappeared there for awhile but now I'm back, and I still don't know what to do with this blog.

But first, our last game of the season. We played Woodie's at our bar and beat them (probably in 7 games but I don't really remember. I've slept since then.) By us beating them, we knocked them out of a 2nd place tie with the Stafford Ye "Olde" Puckers.

We ended up tied for 4th place with Cozy Corner I and they way we started the season off, I think that's pretty damn good!

Now on to the new season! We packed up and headed to a new place... Carolyn's Place to be exact. Are we still the BarFlies? Nope. New bar, new team, new name. So how do you choose a new name? Do you remember our Rally Rooster? Well, around Thanksgiving, our fearless leader Lex started calling it a Tur-duck-en. So she suggested calling the team Carolyn's Turduckens. Margaret (or Mom as most of you have heard me and Lex call her) suggested calling the team the TurPUCKens (see what she did there?). Well, it stuck. We are Carolyn's Turpuckens and we even have a mascot.

Well, we started the new season last Wednesday against the Cozy Corner ClusterPucks. Not to brag, but we beat them 4 games to 0 in probably our quickest win ever. It's nice to start the season with a win.

This week the Turpuckens take on the Stafford Sandblasters to try and get a winning streak started. It should be a good game. We always have a good time against the Sandblasters (we have a good time with whoever we play!).

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Thanks Nathan!

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Missing: Blog Posts for 3 Shuffleboard Games

But I think I've found them... finally. 

As usual, I just haven't felt like writing about shuffleboard. But I figured that I've come this far so I should really try an finish out the season; we only have one game left. So here we go - the 3 weeks that I've missed.

Crowe BarFlies vs. Cozy Corner ClusterPucks

This match was a tough one and it took us all 7 games to get through it. Shelly and I lost the first game to Jerry and Marcus. It was rough. Roger and Patrick were up next against Scott and John, and lost this one as well. Bert and Margaret played against Tori and Lauri in the third game and following suit, lost. So now we are down to one more loss and we can call it an early night. But you all know we played 4 more games. 

Steve and Nathan stopped the bleeding against Lee Lee and John. Lexie and Patrick put up another win for the good guys against Jerry and Tori. Really wanting to not play a 3rd time, Steve and Nathan win against Scott and Lauri. So here we are... the dreaded 7th game. Lexie and Patrick battle against Lee Lee and Lauri. It was a constant back and forth. 9th frame. Tied 14-14. Lauri has the hammer... and it drifts an inch further than Patrick's blue puck. We lost by one frickin' inch. Grr.

VFW Flyers vs. Crowe BarFlies

The Flyers came to our house for this match and all the games were hard fought. Lexie and Margaret start it off with a heart breaking loss against Bob and Alma. Roger and Patrick beat Carl and Teresa in the second game. Nathan and Steve lose a close one against Adolph Sr. and Dee. Patrick and I get a win against Fred and Joanne. This back and forth could go on all night!

Lexie and Nathan take on Dee and R. C. in the fifth game and take them down. Now we're on a roll. We need one more win to end this fight. Margaret and I played against Sonny and Carl in the final game. That's right, the final game. We won... and in 6 games this time!

Crowe BarFlies vs. Stafford Sandblasters

Lexie and Shelly go up first (which no matter what people say, no one ever really wants to play first) against Tony and Larry, but lose this one. Patrick and Nathan win against Jean and Phil in the second game, which brings up Margaret and Dave against Larry and Danny. The BarFlies are victorious. Bert and I play against Patty and Annie and we win.

For those of you who are still with me, the BarFlies need one more win to take the match. Can we do it? We put up Steve and Patrick for the fourth game and they lose against Charlotte and Jean in a very close one. Shelly and I take on Charlotte and Tony, but they are too much for us. So, we find ourselves (again!!) in the seventh game. Geez! We play a lot of 7th games. The Sandblasters put up first and they play Phil and Annie. Nathan and Patrick play for the good guys. 8 frames later, the game is over. But who won? The suspense is killing you isn't it? Patrick and Nathan held on and won it for the BarFlies! 

Last Wednesday, we had our bye week. So here we are, at the end. Our record - 8-7 with one game to go. Wednesday we take on Woodie's. It will definitely be a fight. We want a winning record. So bring it on Woodie's!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We'll be right back after this short break...

Aaaaaaand we're back! 

After our crushing loss to the dominating Wildpuckers three weeks ago, we were off for two fun-filled holiday weeks. A week ago today, the Crowe BarFlies took on the Hunter's Rocks team on our home board.

So did we win? Yes we did!! And we did it in 4 games! Woohoo! It'd be nice to keep that kind of pace going.

But now it's time to take on the Cozy Corner ClusterPucks. Let's go BarFlies and kick some ClusterPuck butt!

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You would think I was a 12 year old girl with all the dumb things I've been doing to this blog!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Evil Empire

Before you get your panties in a knot, hear me out! The Crowe Wildpuckers have been dominating our league for awhile now and we, the Crowe BarFlies, had a chance to knock them down a peg. Do I think they're evil? Of course not! They're like the older brother that beat you at EVERYTHING!

Before I start this mighty story, I wanted to mention a blog that I've started following (thanks again Tom and Stephanie). It's Hyperbole and a Half and it is one of the funniest blogs ever (so go check it out). Since this little corner of the intrawebs has gotten a little dull, I decided to try something different (you'll soon see why I don't draw my own pictures). Imitation is the highest form of flattery you know.

Well, here we go. I give you:

The night starts off like any other shuffleboard night, with one exception. Lexie and I made it to the bar EARLY! Sweet, an extra hour of drinking! Have I ever mentioned that waiting for practice to be over and the actual games to start is like watching paint dry? It's the longest hour ever, but I was happy enough to not be at work.

Finally, 8 o'clock rolls around and it's time to get the battle underway. The Wildpuckers had to put up first, being the home team and they chose Tom and Jed, both zero handicapped. So the BarFly strategy is to put up Lexie and Shelly, both 3s. The BarFlies start with 6 points without ever throwing a puck.

Tom starts chipping away at the crazy lead with 2 points in his first frame. But Shelly comes back with a 2 of her own. Ten frames later and the Wildpuckers have overcome a 6-point deficit to win the first game 15 to 10. Wow, it's gonna be a long night for the BarFlies.

Time for game 2 and we're up first. Patrick and I go up against Ken and TK, getting one handicap point. I draw first blood with 4 points but Ken fires back with 5. Patrick was able to hold Ken to a total of 4 points in the next 2 frames, which gave me the hammer (the last puck of the frame). I turned those hammers into points and in the 8th frame, Patrick scored 3 to give us the win 16 to 9.

So now we're tied with one win apiece. Stephanie and Hardee are up for the Wildpuckers against Dave and Roger for the Good Guys. We started with 3 handicap points and this game kept going back and forth. The longest game of the night at 14 frames ended up with the BarFlies winning 16 to 13. For the 4th game, we sent in Nathan and Steve to take on Kevin and Jeannette. After the 4 handicap points it only took our guys 7 frames to win this one 16 to 7.

The next game is crucial. We only need one more win to take down the mighty Wildpuckers.Can we do it?!?

The short answer... no. Mom and Bert go down to Tom and Kevin. Dave and I crash and burn against Ken and Hardee, who turn around and beat Margaret and Steve.

Damn it! We HAD them! Oh well, there's always next year! Anyway, the BarFlies and the rest of the league get two weeks off for the holidays. Once we get back in 2011, we're up against Hunter's Rocks.

Well, that was fun! I don't think you'll be seeing more drawings out of me, I just needed a change here at Shut the Puck Up! But you will probably continue to see stuff like this:

Anyway, I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and a fantastical New Year!

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